Sales support in the on-going management of paid media programs after they have been sold.
• Point of contact for sales for custom digital reports on approved digital metrics.
• Point of contact for clients on digital reporting, BVE player support and updating digital creative on a new or existing campaign
• Follow-up on missing assets to execute paid media programs and ensure timelines are met.
• Month prior to digital campaigns and print ad close follow up with clients who have not submitted creative.
• Get list of missing creative from Production and Digital Marketing Manager
• Review the IO for specific details if information is missing
• Email clients to send assets to end user or upload/forward assets on client’s behalf
                 Displays Ads
                         Request ad creative for digital display ads for “new campaigns”
                 Email (T-L, PDW, BM, RWS & SS)
                         Request 300×250 display ads (sold)
                         Request assets for dedicated e-news ads (HTML or JPG along with URL and subject line)
                 Native Ads
                         Work with sales and clients to gather all the assets for native ads.
                 Video Ads & Sponsorships
                         Work with Pre-Sales and clients to gather all the assets for promoting sponsored videos.

Support the execution of paid media programs to ensure all aspects of the IO are being met including print, digital, video and social. Support Digital Sales Manager in managing all digital campaigns and handling execution of them.
• Review IO’s and ensure all components of the IO are being ran timely or work with sales to update IOs and client needs change.
• Coordinate Assets for Campaign
     • Displays Ads
          • Collect creative assets from clients
          • Working with ad trafficker on implementing
          • Monitor weekly and optimize as needed
     • Email (T-L, PDW, BM, RWS & SS)
          • Collect assets for 300×250 display ads (sold)
          • Collect assets for dedicated e-news ads (HTML or JPG along with URL and subject line)
     • Native Articles
          • Collect assets for article text, photos, videos and headlines from clients

Monthly reporting for Finance and Sales
     • All digital campaigns are calculated at the end of every month
         • Pull reports for reporting and billing
              • Digital display report
              • Native – pulled separately
              • Video – pulled separately
              • # Social posts – pulled separately
         • Consolidate reporting into single report for billing and client reporting
              • Create pivot tables to detail out reporting by site, ad size, etc.
              • Create the billing report
              • Send all digital reports to finance billing along with billing summary
              • Post client reports to Sales Toolbox for Sales team

Monthly reconciliation of planned media vs delivered media (Especially digital and video)
        • Track short-falls of planned revenue to billed
        • Work with Digital Sales Manager and sales team to bring awareness of discrepancies
        • Refer deficits to the Pre-Sales Marketing Manager to work with clients on new options to place future paid media so we are realizing full IO value.
        • Track monthly and quarterly revenue billing by type of media year over year to keep awareness of sales activity and revenue growth.

• Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver
• Windows – Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
• Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Form
• Strong project management and organizational skills
• Good with numbers, working in excel documents with formulas, and doing number crunching
• Experience with Nativo, Brightcove, ActiveCampaign or similar 3rd party providers is preferred
• Experience pulling campaign reports, extracting information and preparing in a client-friendly format
• Understanding of digital and print paid media – types of media as well as media terminology
• Passion for the outdoor industry and familiarity with shooting sports is preferred

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