Ryan Lee Price


Ryan has been running point as the freelance editor of the quarterly publication, Survivor’s Edge. In 2018, in addition to the Survivor’s Edge quarterly publication, there will be two Survivor’s Edge-branded SIPs that will also be under Ryan’s command: Survival Experts Handbook and Survivor’s Edge Gear Guide.


With the rapid growth of the survival/self-reliance genre, Athlon Outdoors is also primed to ramp up its digital content on RealWorldSurvivor.com. Ryan will be working to ensure RWS becomes the go-to source for timely disaster and survival information, as well as original content stemming from the pages of Survivor’s EdgeThe New Pioneer and American Frontiersman.


Ryan is no stranger to the publishing world, in fact, he comes to Athlon Outdoors with more than 20 years of experience in the magazine and book publishing industry. During this time, he has written hundreds of articles for dozens of magazines in the outdoor and automotive genres, including four books. He was formerly the editor of American Survival Guide, and has been contributing to various survival-based publications for a number of years.